faq Frequently Asked Questions about Forest Park PTA

What is PTA?

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is a national non-profit organization that advocates for the betterment of children and youth. It is America’s # 1 parent involvement resource. PTA helps students, parents, school staff and the community work together to share ideas about programs and activities that benefit children. Our Forest Park PTA provides information and resources for the betterment of our children.


What has the PTA at Forest Park accomplished?

The Forest Park PTA has successfully implemented various programs and funded (fully or partially) many school-wide activities such as:

  • Installing Wi-Fi networking throughout the Forest Park School campus;
  • Equipping each classroom teacher with a new laptop in the previous years;
  • Running the Forest Park Art and Music Enrichment program (FAME-ous) across all classrooms;
  • Organizing knowledge enrichment programs like Math Night, Science Night, Movie Nights, etc.
  • Preparing the school for any disaster through our Health & Safety program;
  • Running the Reflections program which is a national PTA program for recognizing Arts;
  • Funding for PE, Science, Music and Computer Lab;
  • Organizing community programs like Walk-a-thon / Jog-a-thon, Carnival, etc.


Why join the Forest Park PTA?

By becoming a Forest Park PTA member, you will help your child in bettering his / her self-esteem and grades by directly participating in your child’s education. When you become a member of the Forest Park PTA, you are automatically a member of all the levels of PTA, including the State and National PTA. The number of members carries weight when advocating legislation passed to the State of California or nationally. This connects you to Congress with issues related to education, children and their families. Every vote and every PTA member makes a difference. You can find additional advantages of joining the PTA on the Membership page.


How can you become a member?

You can become a member by contributing $11.00 per person or $18.00 per family to the Forest Park PTA. Membership forms are distributed in the first week packets, and are also available in the front office throughout the school year and online. A portion of your dues goes to the State and National PTA and the rest goes to the Forest Park PTA. Once the dues are paid, you will receive the membership card through your child’s classroom teacher.


What is a member required to do?

There are no special duties of a Forest Park PTA member. As a Forest Park PTA member, you’re encouraged to attend all Forest Park PTA meetings, participate in elections, influence what programs are organized by the Forest Park PTA and vote on any Forest Park PTA related issues.

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